Sunday, December 30, 2018

MSS Articles - A Look Back to 2018

Hey there, welcome back to my personal blog. I am Madhusudan Somani and in this post, I am gonna write about the year of 2018 for my professional blog MSS Articles.

I have already written an article about how I started my blogging life. After half an year of unsuccessful blogging, I started a new blog MSS Article on 24 January 2018. And in December 2018, I finally reached a state which I wished for MSS Article while buying its domain from GoDaddy. I have shared the starting phase of my blogging on this page.

Starting with random writing, now I write Websites and Applications Reviews, How-To Guides and Articles related to the Internet on my professional blog. And for other random thoughts, I started this personal blog. I write new articles on Mondays and Fridays on MSS Articles and on this personal blog (MSS Blogs) on Sundays. And this is the last Sunday of 2018 and also the last article of this blog.

There were several phases in my blogging life. Sometimes I felt proud about my blog, but sometimes I got frustrated also. There are many phases when I could not get the expected views on my blog. Sometimes I get bored from blogging. But whenever I had any of that situation, there was happening something good for my blog. So that I haven't stopped blogging till now.

I got support from my friend circle and family. They, directly and indirectly, helped me to make MSS Articles better. Other than those, everyone has helped me by reading, commenting, liking and sharing my blog with their circle.

My friends, Shashank Varma, Rachit Raj, Prem Prakash, Prashant Kumar and many more helped me to get more views, and ideas for my blog. The best motivation for blogging comes from my friends. I got a titles of "Blogger" and "MSS Article" in my friend circle.
My teachers, Anita Mam and Nafees Sir, Santosh Sir's interaction with my blog also helped me to get motivated.

I also met some blogger friends, who work in the same field like mine, Rahul Singh, Rahul Chaudhary and Pramod Saharan. Now will work on making more connections in 2019.

I got a first review request by Fotor Photo editor. After that, I started getting review requests from different companies, to review their product. I write their review but sometimes I need to reject them because I don't want to write false reviews just for money.

With a little fluctuation, the graph of MSS Articles is always went upward in 2018. And I will try my best to get it to increase more. From getting 100-200 views rarely per month in beginning this year, now MSS Articles is getting 700+ views at the end of 2018, mostly from Google Search.

It has also featured in one of the biggest bloggers directories in India - IndiBlogger, A bookmarking tool Pocket. That were great experiences. There are many other platforms which helped MSS Articles to get authority and views, some of them are Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Google Plus, Reddit etc.

Now in 2018, I have completed the first short goal for MSS Article of getting 500+ views per day. And in 2019, I have to focus on the brand authority of MSS Articles. This year of 2019 can be a struggling year for me, but with your love and support, I am sure that I will able to pass that challenge.

Happy New Year.

Thank You
Madhusudan Somani.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Good Idea Always Comes from A Busy Mind

Have you ever tried to think about any great idea for your business or anything that matters to you?

I have done it so many times. I am a blogger and I always think how to make my professional blog better. What I found is that. almost every time the ideas I get was either those which I rejected before or might not be that much better.

But I always tried my best to get the best ideas. Even I got some ideas which helped me to grow my blog.

I am an engineering student, and the month of December is our examination month. I am currently in 2nd year (3rd semester). And since my last two exams, I observed one thing, that is, I get excellent ideas in these months(exams months) which directly and indirectly helped me to grow my blog.

Those ideas look great but I have to be busy in exam preparation. I can not apply some of the ideas right at that time, so I have time to plan everything that how I will apply those.

And as we all know,
A good idea with a great planning always gives better results.
So finally I come to the conclusion that to have a good idea, I have to be busy.
And I thought to apply this key point to my daily life (in my studies and blogging).

I tried to be busy. I write two articles on my professional blog in a week. One is on Monday and another one is on Friday. And on Sunday on this blog, which is my personal blog.

I started answering questions on Quora. After 5 days of continues use, now I am getting answer requests daily. Which again made me busy.

This busy-ness helped me to learn faster for my exams and also helped me to write better content on my blog with new, interesting and productive ideas. And finally, I got benefited completed just by being busy.

So I can definitely say that Good Ideas Always Comes from A Busy Mind.

And one tip I can give is to keep a diary with yourself, whether it can be physical or digital. So you can easily jot down the ideas which come in your mind in your busy schedule. Which you can implement later.

But don't ignore the power of intentional thinking. Only being busy is not enough. You have to think about the business sometimes in your free time, to get a better Idea later in your mind. If you don't even think about that, then there is no chance that you will get an idea in your mind.

So Intentional Thinking is Essential.

You can apply this to your professional and daily life and definitely, this will benefit you.
What are your thoughts about Good Ideas and Being Busy?

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Blogging is not just Writing! It is Much More

Blogging is not just Writing!

I started blogging in 2017. I started blogging because I wanted to see my online presence and I loved to write articles, guides, and reviews.

My first blog was Enhance the Life I used to write anything on that blog. I did that in 2017 and then in January 2018, I deleted that blog. Again started a new blog - MSS Articles, which is currently my primary blog. Initially, I was repeating the same mistake which I did in my previous blog.

I followed some top bloggers, I followed their tactics along with mine, and I believed in me and by constantly writing content, now I am able to attract more than 17000+ views per month which are gradually increasing.

In my blogging life of one and a half year, I learned a lot more about blogging. And can definitely say that "Blogging is not just Writing! It is Much More".

Here are the things which a blogger has to do other than writing:

  • The first thing is Planning. A blogger has to make a plan for publishing and promotion of articles.
  • We need to write almost all articles in a selected niche to build authority. We just can't write anything there.
  • We need to invest a lot of time in promotion of our articles.
  • We need to update our old articles' as per current data.
  • We need to do On-Page and Off-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on our blog.
  • Along with SEO we also need to do SMO (Social Media Optimization).
  • We need to do social and internet bookmarking of our articles to be found.
  • We need to work on Clickbait technique for more clicks.
  • We need to make our profile trustable. By joining discussions on other blogs and sites.
  • We need to build backlinks to be trusted by Search Engine (Google).
  • We just can't write and move on, we need to respond to all the valuable comments in our blogs whether the article is new or old.
  • We need to check for the credibility and plagiarism of the work. We can't copy other's content.
  • Sometimes we need to do Guest Blogging to build Authority and Backlinks.
  • We need to keep an eye on Google's guide for Search Engine.
  • And at last, we need to be consistent and patient. We need to build connections with other bloggers.

If you want to do blogging and willing to make Blogging as a career then be prepared for these. And trust me, these may be looking difficult but if you are passionate about blogging then you will enjoy all of them.

Although, don't ignore writing, because writing is the first and most important quality which a blogger should have. And make a habit of reading (daily). This will enhance your writing skills.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Save Water! Ask Cutting!

Imagine sweating in the Sun with your mouth as dessert dry - Take all those cold-drinks of the world, all shakes, sparkling colorful drinks. But when you are really thirsty, what you need is a GLASS OF WATER! chilled plain water. We realize the value of Water at that point. This was one situation, otherwise...

Water is an ordinary thing in our lives. Although we know we can't just live without a drop of Water but we don't take it seriously. When there happens any meeting for "Save Water", you can observe half left water glasses on the desk, quite meaningful.

Background image credit: Joseph Greve

The fact is, the value of this sacred element is realized by only a few. Come to my state Rajasthan. Visit the desert area in Jaisalmer. You can see women walking miles carrying a pot of Water. The entire family has to survive on that pot of Water for a day.

But we people don't care about it much. We have borewells and tanks in our society. We have the 24x7 water supply. And who cares if we waste a liter of Water or 100?

And that is the only thing we need to change. We need to change this mindset. Water is a resource but sooner it might be converted to a source. Every drop we waste today has to be generated by the coming generation. We don't want to make our next generation to fight for a drop of Water, do we?

You know all the traditional methods for Saving Water. I will not let you bore by writing them again.

But this new petition #CuttingPani initiated by LivPure needs a special mention for its creative, which can take place in our heart. And whenever we feel something in our heart someone else doesn't need to interpret us to do that.

Its main theme is to ask and serve Water only the amount which is needed. We fill the glass completely with water but generally drink only half of it.

Here is the video of the campaign #CuttingPaani...

Isn't the campaign is an eye-opener? It surely is and is set to make a change.

The petition was started on and got the victory with 94,331 supporters. Now you can not sign the petition but no one can stop you by spreading this campaign to Save Water.

So Paani Bachao! Cutting Mangao! (Save Water! Ask Cutting!)

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Starting this new Personal Blog

Hey there,
Welcome to my new personal blog.

I have been blogging since 2017. The year 2017 was the first learning year of blogging for me. I was not so professional in 2017, I used to write just because I loved to do it.

But then I realized the scope of blogging. So After the initial learning step, on 24 January 2018, I started my first professional blog - MSS Articles.

Initially, I started writing anything there and ignoring the term "niche". But my posts which come to the category "Website & Application Review", and Internet-related "How-to" and "What-is" articles got more views and better response from the audience. And finally, MSS Articles found its niche.

Then I missing a place where I can write anything which I can't write on my primary blog. So I started this personal blog.

Image credit: rawpixel

In this personal blog, I will write my personal experience about blogging and anything which I can share with everyone. Since it is not my professional blog so I don't have to worry about the SEO and all other factors which a good blog should have. For all those factors, I have my primary blog - MSS Articles.

I will post on this blog weekly, most probably on Sundays. If you are interested in this blog, then you can follow me on social media. The only platform I will share this blog is on my personal social media handles -

I always try to get better in blogging. And this blog is the part of it. I trust in this line:

"Whenever you write something(doesn't matter what is it), you get better in that language."

Thank You.