New Traffic Rules towards a New India...

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Today, I'm back again with another post. As you can understand with the title and image, that I'm gonna talk about New Traffic Rules in India.

As you know, from 1st of September, new rules are in action for road traffic in accordance with the new Motor Vehicle Amendment Act, 2019. You can get more details about this Act and New Challan charges here.

No doubt this act is getting great results. People are now being more aware of road traffic rules, which directly improve road safety.

But these high charges may not be digestible by many of us, because we are not practised to pay such high charges of violating rules. We believed in the process of Settle Down (bribe) to avoid legal problems. But now doing that may become more dangerous (legally and even financially).

Anyway, I think this change in traffic rules had filled more…

Mere Samne Wali Khidki me, ek Chaand...

Finally, after signing Chandrayaan 2 Mission in 2007, ISRO successfully launched Chandrayaan 2 on 22 July 2019. Unlike Chandrayaan 1, this mission was designed to reach the moon's surface. After reaching the surface this mission would have last up to 14 days.
And here comes the twist, as we all know we lost connection with Vikram lander just above 2.1 Km of the moon's surface. And we were not able to do soft landing on the moon's surface.
This sounds like a big disappointment to ISRO for Chandrayaan 2 project. But this was not the only obstacle for ISRO in this project. These obstacles started coming from 2011 itself, but ISRO accepted the challenge and still on its way to working hard to make this mission succeed.
Initially, ISRO signed this project with Russia. ISRO had the prime responsibility of Orbiter and Rover and Russia was to provide the Lander. This mission was then postponed to January 2013 and again to 2016 because Russia was not able to develop the Lander on ti…

Is it Feminism... Really??

"Hey young boy, don't you have manners! that girl is standing behind you in the queue for the last 15 minutes. You should let her go first.", said a feminist.
The boy looked around. Seeing a small crowd in the post office, he went behind the girl in that queue to wait for another 15 minutes.

Do you also believe in this type of feminism? If you ask me, I don't. I believe in feminism, but not in this definition of feminism which most of the Indians understood by.

According to them, "feminism is an era of females, they say, we have to focus on empowerment, safety, respect of women", till this it is fine, but they also say, "It all has to be done by the Males". (Which again highlights the male dominance and a feeling that women can't support themselves).

This is best explained by these tweets,

Now a Days, Feminism is more like "How To Become a Man" instead of "How to Become an Empowered Woman." and has nothing to do with Equal…

It's more than an Internship...

What do you mean by "Internship"?
A short time work experience you get in any company during your college time.

I also mean the same. But it's my good luck that I am working as an intern is a start-up which treats their interns not only as interns but as team members.

I am talking about Croblaze. A company which sells online Fruits and Vegetable in Greater Noida. My seniors started this start-up last year. It's their hard-work that Croblaze won the North Zonal Jaro Education Hunar 2.0 Start-Up pitching competition this year.

Some of us have the advantage of the same college. Since the founders are our seniors and we know them, it was easy to work with them.

I and one of my best friends, Abhishek joined the internship at the end of March this year. Since then to now, we didn't feel it like any kind of burden along with our studies.

The above image is of the days when we started our internship. You know one of the best thing doing an internship in a start-up is, y…

The So-Called Mathura Trip...

Hey there, hope this article finds you well.

A summer trip has its own adventure, and the adventure becomes great if the trip is unplanned (which succeed more than planned trips). A somewhat similar experience we had during this summer trip with my Croblaze Team.
(Sorry, I didn't tell you about Croblaze. Croblaze is a start-up company founded by my seniours. It is an eCommerce company selling Fruits and Vegetables online. I can't say everything about the company in this article, for that, I'll write a complete article.)
Me, with some of my friends, are doing an internship in this company, and it's great that we got a chance for this trip with the team. We were 8 members on this trip.
The seniors: Abhinav PandeyAnurag TiwariMukesh ChaurasiaPushkar MishraAnd we juniors: Madhusudan Somani (Me 😁)Abhishek Kumar SharmaKushagrah PachauriArun Pratap Singh

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