Power of YESes - The Yes-Yes Formula

Many times you get responses as "Yes" from your friends, colleagues, family members or even strangers, right? But have you ever tried to feel the importance of every single YES you are getting?

Maybe not (as of myself). But after reading this article, I bet, you will be amazed by the power of getting Yes-Yes-Yes...

First, to be clear, this Yes Yes formula is surely not my idea. I got to know this concept from Mr Dale Carnegie through his book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People", and then again in "You Can Sell" by Shiv Khera.

These books explain the psychology of influencing people, making them think in your way and getting a positive response. Although they have written for the professional prospect, all the concepts are applicable in personal life also.

So let's get to the point, The Yes-Yes Formula.

This formula states that the more yeses you get from a client, the more he will agree with you.

It means you should try to get at least 2-3 consecutiv…

We always Imagine ourselves as Teachers, never as Students! Don't We?

She is always at the church premises by 06:00 hrs wearing some faded jeans, an old T-shirt and slippers. She always comes to clean the seats, arrange them, decorate the pulpit and clean the place whenever it is dirty.

For six years she has never missed a single Saturday coming to clean the place.

One Saturday a young man in a suit walked into the church while she was still arranging the chairs. He went and sat down watching as the lady was working.

He was impressed that a lady who looked quite good even in the old clothes and a scarf over her hair could be so dedicated to her work in the church. He thought within himself that this was an unfortunate lady who probably had not gotten anyone to take care of her schooling and now she would probably be an orange seller or some petty trader struggling to make ends meet at the market stall.

He watched and within his heart he felt he now knew what God wanted him to do. When he had felt a compulsion to come very early to the church he had not unde…

Successfully Performed the Play - Boodhi Kaki

Recently we had successfully staged the play "Boodhi Kaki". We are thankful to our respected play director Mr Sandeep Mahajan Sir for the great direction and our college IEC Group of Institutions, especially Raj Kamal Ma'am and Lokesh Sir for coordinating this play.

There were several phases during the rehearsals of this play. In that one month, we got many obstacles but with team-work, we overcome all the problems and finally gave the performance on 29, March 2019.

This play makes us remember our last play Eidgah, which was the part of Annual Stage Play last year. We had a lot of joy last year and this year also.
Unfortunately, I could not attend the full acting workshop. But this has been one of the nice experiences in my college life.

Both the stories (Boodhi Kaki & Eidgah) were written by Munshi Premchand.
You must have read these stories in your school time.
Now let me tell you about the key roles of this play...

The DirectorHe is the man behind the direction of this p…

The Power of Emotional Intelligence

Hey everyone, how are you? I hope you are having a great day. As you have seen in the title and featured image, in this article, I am writing about Emotional Intelligence.

In recent days, we (me and my classmates) had to submit a Term Paper on any non-technical topic. We had the information about the same before almost 10-12 days of submission date. I prepared my content about the same but could not be able to submit in the college.Because I came to college after a long leave. So I didn't have enough time to properly write the term paper.

So I finally thought my content should not be gone waste, so decided to write a blog-post on the same. And here it is. Although I have tried to optimize the content, so the article should not be much longer (longer articles may look boring...). But even now if the article seems to be longer then I couldn't compress it more (I am sorry 😉). And here we start...

What is Emotional Intelligence?Emotional Intelligence in simple words is understanding…

Deleted Instagram Account for Forever...

Do you use Instagram? Most probably you do. I also used to use that photo-sharing social media platform. But recently I deleted my personal Instagram account because it was draining most of the time which I could use to improve my professional blog - MSS Articles.

It doesn't mean that I don't like Social Media. I do like social media (because it helps me with my blog). I also like the concept of Social Media as it helps us to be connected. But with Instagram, there was a different scene.

The first reason is that I am not a photogenic person. I rarely used to upload photos on my Instagram wall. So Instagram was not so important for me and does not help me in any scenario (Other than my blog). And I do nothing which does not help me to improve myself.

The second reason for this action is that I get frustrated due to unnecessary photos and videos which I was getting on Instagram. And unlike Facebook, there is no way to unfollow that person without disconnecting him from your network…
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