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Save Water! Ask Cutting!

Imagine sweating in the Sun with your mouth as dessert dry - Take all those cold-drinks of the world, all shakes, sparkling colorful drinks. But when you are really thirsty, what you need is a GLASS OF WATER! chilled plain water. We realize the value of Water at that point. This was one situation, otherwise...
Water is an ordinary thing in our lives. Although we know we can't just live without a drop of Water but we don't take it seriously. When there happens any meeting for "Save Water", you can observe half left water glasses on the desk, quite meaningful.

The fact is, the value of this sacred element is realized by only a few. Come to my state Rajasthan. Visit the desert area in Jaisalmer. You can see women walking miles carrying a pot of Water. The entire family has to survive on that pot of Water for a day.
But we people don't care about it much. We have borewells and tanks in our society. We have the 24x7 water supply. And who cares if we waste a liter of Wate…

Starting this new Personal Blog

Hey there,
Welcome to my new personal blog.
I have been blogging since 2017. The year 2017 was the first learning year of blogging for me. I was not so professional in 2017, I used to write just because I loved to do it.
But then I realized the scope of blogging. So After the initial learning step, on 24 January 2018, I started my first professional blog - MSS Articles.
Initially, I started writing anything there and ignoring the term "niche". But my posts which come to the category "Website & Application Review", and Internet-related "How-to" and "What-is" articles got more views and better response from the audience. And finally, MSS Articles found its niche.
Then I missing a place where I can write anything which I can't write on my primary blog. So I started this personal blog.

In this personal blog, I will write my personal experience about blogging and anything which I can share with everyone. Since it is not my professional blog …
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Hi, I am professional blogger. This is my personal blog. Here I write personal thoughts from my blogging journey.