Save Water! Ask Cutting!

Imagine sweating in the Sun with your mouth as dessert dry - Take all those cold-drinks of the world, all shakes, sparkling colorful drinks. But when you are really thirsty, what you need is a GLASS OF WATER! chilled plain water. We realize the value of Water at that point. This was one situation, otherwise...

Water is an ordinary thing in our lives. Although we know we can't just live without a drop of Water but we don't take it seriously. When there happens any meeting for "Save Water", you can observe half left water glasses on the desk, quite meaningful.

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The fact is, the value of this sacred element is realized by only a few. Come to my state Rajasthan. Visit the desert area in Jaisalmer. You can see women walking miles carrying a pot of Water. The entire family has to survive on that pot of Water for a day.

But we people don't care about it much. We have borewells and tanks in our society. We have the 24x7 water supply. And who cares if we waste a liter of Water or 100?

And that is the only thing we need to change. We need to change this mindset. Water is a resource but sooner it might be converted to a source. Every drop we waste today has to be generated by the coming generation. We don't want to make our next generation to fight for a drop of Water, do we?

You know all the traditional methods for Saving Water. I will not let you bore by writing them again.

But this new petition #CuttingPani initiated by LivPure needs a special mention for its creative, which can take place in our heart. And whenever we feel something in our heart someone else doesn't need to interpret us to do that.

Its main theme is to ask and serve Water only the amount which is needed. We fill the glass completely with water but generally drink only half of it.

Here is the video of the campaign #CuttingPaani...

Isn't the campaign is an eye-opener? It surely is and is set to make a change.

The petition was started on and got the victory with 94,331 supporters. Now you can not sign the petition but no one can stop you by spreading this campaign to Save Water.

So Paani Bachao! Cutting Mangao! (Save Water! Ask Cutting!)


  1. Ohh yes this is the better way to save water in the expensive zones like in hostels. On the other hand water is already on the shortage there like Delhi.

    1. Not only in Delhi, it is rarely available on many places.

  2. Great work bro... Jinko bhi is compaign ke bare me bta nhi tha unko tmahre article ke through pta chal jayega... Gud job

    1. Yes bro,
      doesn't matter ki kisi ke bhi through pta chle, main message pahunchna chahiye.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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