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MSS Articles - A Look Back to 2018

Hey there, welcome back to my personal blog. I am Madhusudan Somani and in this post, I am gonna write about the year of 2018 for my professional blog MSS Articles.

I have already written an article about how I started my blogging life. After half an year of unsuccessful blogging, I started a new blog MSS Article on 24 January 2018. And in December 2018, I finally reached a state which I wished for MSS Article while buying its domain from GoDaddy. I have shared the starting phase of my blogging on this page.

Starting with random writing, now I write Websites and Applications Reviews, How-To Guides and Articles related to the Internet on my professional blog. And for other random thoughts, I started this personal blog. I write new articles on Mondays and Fridays on MSS Articles and on this personal blog (MSS Blogs) on Sundays. And this is the last Sunday of 2018 and also the last article of this blog.

There were several phases in my blogging life. Sometimes I felt proud about my blog,…

Good Idea Always Comes from A Busy Mind

Have you ever tried to think about any great idea for your business or anything that matters to you?

I have done it so many times. I am a blogger and I always think how to make my professional blog better. What I found is that. almost every time the ideas I get was either those which I rejected before or might not be that much better.

But I always tried my best to get the best ideas. Even I got some ideas which helped me to grow my blog.

I am an engineering student, and the month of December is our examination month. I am currently in 2nd year (3rd semester). And since my last two exams, I observed one thing, that is, I get excellent ideas in these months(exams months) which directly and indirectly helped me to grow my blog.

Those ideas look great but I have to be busy in exam preparation. I can not apply some of the ideas right at that time, so I have time to plan everything that how I will apply those.

And as we all know,
A good idea with a great planning always gives better results.So fi…

Blogging is not just Writing! It is Much More

I started blogging in 2017. I started blogging because I wanted to see my online presence and I loved to write articles, guides, and reviews.
My first blog was Enhance the Life I used to write anything on that blog. I did that in 2017 and then in January 2018, I deleted that blog. Again started a new blog -MSS Articles, which is currently my primary blog. Initially, I was repeating the same mistake which I did in my previous blog.
I followed some top bloggers, I followed their tactics along with mine, and I believed in me and by constantly writing content, now I am able to attract more than 17000+ views per month which are gradually increasing.
In my blogging life of one and a half year, I learned a lot more about blogging. And can definitely say that "Blogging is not just Writing! It is Much More".

Here are the things which a blogger has to do other than writing:
The first thing is Planning. A blogger has to make a plan for publishing and promotion of articles.We need to write …
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