Blogging is not just Writing! It is Much More

Blogging is not just Writing!

I started blogging in 2017. I started blogging because I wanted to see my online presence and I loved to write articles, guides, and reviews.

My first blog was Enhance the Life I used to write anything on that blog. I did that in 2017 and then in January 2018, I deleted that blog. Again started a new blog - MSS Articles, which is currently my primary blog. Initially, I was repeating the same mistake which I did in my previous blog.

I followed some top bloggers, I followed their tactics along with mine, and I believed in me and by constantly writing content, now I am able to attract more than 17000+ views per month which are gradually increasing.

In my blogging life of one and a half year, I learned a lot more about blogging. And can definitely say that "Blogging is not just Writing! It is Much More".

Here are the things which a blogger has to do other than writing:

  • The first thing is Planning. A blogger has to make a plan for publishing and promotion of articles.
  • We need to write almost all articles in a selected niche to build authority. We just can't write anything there.
  • We need to invest a lot of time in promotion of our articles.
  • We need to update our old articles' as per current data.
  • We need to do On-Page and Off-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on our blog.
  • Along with SEO we also need to do SMO (Social Media Optimization).
  • We need to do social and internet bookmarking of our articles to be found.
  • We need to work on Clickbait technique for more clicks.
  • We need to make our profile trustable. By joining discussions on other blogs and sites.
  • We need to build backlinks to be trusted by Search Engine (Google).
  • We just can't write and move on, we need to respond to all the valuable comments in our blogs whether the article is new or old.
  • We need to check for the credibility and plagiarism of the work. We can't copy other's content.
  • Sometimes we need to do Guest Blogging to build Authority and Backlinks.
  • We need to keep an eye on Google's guide for Search Engine.
  • And at last, we need to be consistent and patient. We need to build connections with other bloggers.

If you want to do blogging and willing to make Blogging as a career then be prepared for these. And trust me, these may be looking difficult but if you are passionate about blogging then you will enjoy all of them.

Although, don't ignore writing, because writing is the first and most important quality which a blogger should have. And make a habit of reading (daily). This will enhance your writing skills.


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