Good Idea Always Comes from A Busy Mind

Have you ever tried to think about any great idea for your business or anything that matters to you?

I have done it so many times. I am a blogger and I always think how to make my professional blog better. What I found is that. almost every time the ideas I get was either those which I rejected before or might not be that much better.

But I always tried my best to get the best ideas. Even I got some ideas which helped me to grow my blog.

I am an engineering student, and the month of December is our examination month. I am currently in 2nd year (3rd semester). And since my last two exams, I observed one thing, that is, I get excellent ideas in these months(exams months) which directly and indirectly helped me to grow my blog.

Those ideas look great but I have to be busy in exam preparation. I can not apply some of the ideas right at that time, so I have time to plan everything that how I will apply those.

And as we all know,
A good idea with a great planning always gives better results.
So finally I come to the conclusion that to have a good idea, I have to be busy.
And I thought to apply this key point to my daily life (in my studies and blogging).

I tried to be busy. I write two articles on my professional blog in a week. One is on Monday and another one is on Friday. And on Sunday on this blog, which is my personal blog.

I started answering questions on Quora. After 5 days of continues use, now I am getting answer requests daily. Which again made me busy.

This busy-ness helped me to learn faster for my exams and also helped me to write better content on my blog with new, interesting and productive ideas. And finally, I got benefited completed just by being busy.

So I can definitely say that Good Ideas Always Comes from A Busy Mind.

And one tip I can give is to keep a diary with yourself, whether it can be physical or digital. So you can easily jot down the ideas which come in your mind in your busy schedule. Which you can implement later.

But don't ignore the power of intentional thinking. Only being busy is not enough. You have to think about the business sometimes in your free time, to get a better Idea later in your mind. If you don't even think about that, then there is no chance that you will get an idea in your mind.

So Intentional Thinking is Essential.

You can apply this to your professional and daily life and definitely, this will benefit you.
What are your thoughts about Good Ideas and Being Busy?


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