MSS Articles - A Look Back to 2018

Hey there, welcome back to my personal blog. I am Madhusudan Somani and in this post, I am gonna write about the year of 2018 for my professional blog MSS Articles.

I have already written an article about how I started my blogging life. After half an year of unsuccessful blogging, I started a new blog MSS Article on 24 January 2018. And in December 2018, I finally reached a state which I wished for MSS Article while buying its domain from GoDaddy. I have shared the starting phase of my blogging on this page.

Starting with random writing, now I write Websites and Applications Reviews, How-To Guides and Articles related to the Internet on my professional blog. And for other random thoughts, I started this personal blog. I write new articles on Mondays and Fridays on MSS Articles and on this personal blog (MSS Blogs) on Sundays. And this is the last Sunday of 2018 and also the last article of this blog.

There were several phases in my blogging life. Sometimes I felt proud about my blog, but sometimes I got frustrated also. There are many phases when I could not get the expected views on my blog. Sometimes I get bored from blogging. But whenever I had any of that situation, there was happening something good for my blog. So that I haven't stopped blogging till now.

I got support from my friend circle and family. They, directly and indirectly, helped me to make MSS Articles better. Other than those, everyone has helped me by reading, commenting, liking and sharing my blog with their circle.

My friends, Shashank Varma, Rachit Raj, Prem Prakash, Prashant Kumar and many more helped me to get more views, and ideas for my blog. The best motivation for blogging comes from my friends. I got a titles of "Blogger" and "MSS Article" in my friend circle.
My teachers, Anita Mam and Nafees Sir, Santosh Sir's interaction with my blog also helped me to get motivated.

I also met some blogger friends, who work in the same field like mine, Rahul Singh, Rahul Chaudhary and Pramod Saharan. Now will work on making more connections in 2019.

I got a first review request by Fotor Photo editor. After that, I started getting review requests from different companies, to review their product. I write their review but sometimes I need to reject them because I don't want to write false reviews just for money.

With a little fluctuation, the graph of MSS Articles is always went upward in 2018. And I will try my best to get it to increase more. From getting 100-200 views rarely per month in beginning this year, now MSS Articles is getting 700+ views at the end of 2018, mostly from Google Search.

It has also featured in one of the biggest bloggers directories in India - IndiBlogger, A bookmarking tool Pocket. That were great experiences. There are many other platforms which helped MSS Articles to get authority and views, some of them are Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Google Plus, Reddit etc.

Now in 2018, I have completed the first short goal for MSS Article of getting 500+ views per day. And in 2019, I have to focus on the brand authority of MSS Articles. This year of 2019 can be a struggling year for me, but with your love and support, I am sure that I will able to pass that challenge.

Happy New Year.

Thank You
Madhusudan Somani.


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