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Hey there, welcome to my blog.
I am Madhusudan Somani, a blogger by heart and mind, an entrepreneur by profession, a student by education and a guitarist by hobby.

My professional blog is MSS Articles where I write websites and applications reviews, how to and what is guides for topics related to the internet.

And this one is my personal blog where I share all those things which I can't share on my primary blog.

Madhusudan Somani a blogger
It's me - Madhusudan Somani

The image which you can see above is my latest profile picture. :)
I am not a photogenic person. So I don't have to be worried about my profile photos, because my one photo runs as my DP for almost half-a-year.


I have been always interested in computer and typing. But I operated the first computer in my school in the class of 6th. From 6th to 10th It was just a typing machine for me. I started learning computer (basically coding) really when I was in class 11th.

I am from Rajasthan. Currently, I am pursuing B.Tech. degree with branch CS in IEC College of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida. I am in 2nd year right now.

I studied in my hometown till inter. Till high school, I studied in Hindi Medium in SMT. N. D. C. Senior Secondary School. After high school, I migrated into English Medium and took admission in SESOMU School in Sri Dungargarh. This is the time after which I got my laptop on my birthday.

I had chosen Science stream in inter to become a Scientist or Engineer to make a huge amount of money. So I went to Allen Jaipur after inter to prepare for the IIT-JEE entrance examination. Where I found my passion in blogging (or you can say writing).

Then I came to IEC College in Greater Noida. Since I was in interested in coding so I decided CS as my branch. And currently studying in 2nd year.

College Life

I was introvert (shy, you can say). So I decided to change this thing in my college life. So I started participating in every function or competition. It never hurt my studies.

Participating in these enhanced my contact with some of my seniors, mentors, and teachers. And I can talk to them more confidently now than at the time when I came into the college.

And the best time in my college till now was the play (Eidgah), which we had performed in the college in the guidance of director Sandeep Sir. They taught us many things which helped me a lot in developing my character.

After this play, I had to give a speech by representing the whole Eidgah team. Although I prepared the speech with the help of my team. But at the time of delivering the speech, my mind went blank.
But Sandeep Sir taught us to speak in front of anyone (in the play but helped me even after the play).
So I have given my first speech ever on that stage. My hand was shaking at that time, but I did it.

After that, the HOD, Raj Kamal Mam told, "Nice speech Madhusudan". That was a proud feeling at that time.


When I was in Allen, Jaipur. I started a blog named "Enhance the Life". I used to write articles related to Lifestyle, Health and, Personality on that blog. But since I was passionate about blogging but not for these topics. As a result, I went out of content. And finally, I moved it down.

Then on 24 January, 2018 I started a blog MSS Articles which is my primary blog right now.

MSS Articles logo

I was serious about this so after completely designing it, I brought the domain name "www.mssarticles.com" from GoDaddy and hosted this blog at Blogger.

I started writing about anything on this blog. This was my second mistake in blogging. Which I recognized after 4 months of starting MSS Articles. When I wrote a website review and got a good response from my audience. So now I plucked out all unrelated articles from my blog and started writing on three broad categories:
  • Websites and Applications Review.
  • How to (field: Internet)
  • What is (field: Internet)
I have my own interest on these niches, so now I never went out of content. And I managed to generate 1000+ daily page views on my blog.

Always looking forward to increase this figure more and more. And I can if I have your support.

Thank you.
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Madhusudan Somani
Hi, I am professional blogger. This is my personal blog. Here I write personal thoughts from my blogging journey.

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